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Donate & Support APIARY 9: Sanctuary

by APIARY Staff

In 2014 Philadelphia was declared a Sanctuary City. This means that individuals who have fled their country to escape foreign conflict, racial or religious persecution, and political alliances or opinions, can find safe haven in Philadelphia. Between 2014-2015 alone, the Refugee Resettlement Program (RRP), has helped over 3,000 refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries resettle in the city and throughout Pennsylvania.

Donate and Support APIARY 9: Sanctuary 

APIARY is and always has been for every Philadelphian. Since 2009 we've published 400 local writers and artists of all generations and backgrounds. Our publication is 100% free. We're continuing that mission here with the hope of offering a space, a sanctuary if you will, for the voices who need and demand to be heard. Here's what we want APIARY 9: Sanctuary to do:

1) Confront, challenge, and discuss what "sanctuary" means to Philadelphians through the stories, poems, essays, and creative work of local artists of all stripes. We’ve recently partnered with The New Sanctuary Movement to construct, curate, and publish work from new arrivals, refugees, and sanctuary seekers in this issue. We are SO excited.

2) Function as a resource for those seeking more information about, not only immigration services, but organizations that provide assistance to diverse communities across the city like the William Way LGBT Community Center, The New Sanctuary Movement, The Attic Youth Center, and others.

3) Inspire and engage writers with a Sanctuary Series of nomadic writing workshops throughout the creation of APIARY 9. Workshop participants will be guided by a local poet to sanctuaries around the city; these locales will act as poetic gateways, entry points into the poet's connection with Philadelphia. 

4) Bring writers and artists of all styles and genres together on stage and in person at one amazing APIARY 9 launch party complete with live performances, music, and dancing. You know we know how to party.

APIARY Magazine is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and proud member of CultureWorks. Every single APIARY staff member, including the person who's writing this, is a volunteer. Every dollar donated goes directly to the creation of APIARY 9: Sanctuary. This includes costs associated with designing and printing the issue. Your donation will help us get this issue into the hands of as many Philadelphians as possible - and bring those same people together for a massive, epic launch party in the fall. 

APIARY Magazine is a collective of working writers, artists, students, and young professionals who believe in the power and necessity of the literary arts. We do this all for free and for Philadelphia - even if that means late nights, working on APIARY projects AT work, panicked 3 am phone conversations, and way too much coffee. Your support means APIARY can continue to buzz on into the future and make more sweet literary honey. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

To learn more about APIARY 9: Sanctuary and to donate to our campaign, visit our Generosity campaign page.


Steve, Alexa, Faye, Kai, Amy, Miri, Amanda, George, & Andrew.



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