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by APIARY Staff

We're thrilled to announce that submissions are open for APIARY X! APIARY X is the culmination of a decade of writing, reading, publishing, dancing, and living in a shifting, evolving literary city. In this issue, we want you to mark your spot on Philly's ever-changing map, and excavate the stories hiding underneath your feet.

X is: a fixed point on the map; a way to mark where you’ve been; a place where something important is buried. It’s crossings and intersections: two disparate paths that come together at a single shared juncture. X is a piece of universal written language, a shared symbol and signature. Those who could not write or leave their name, often signed with an X. A mark left behind by anonymous voices.

How do generations of lived experience collide, connect, cycle back and overlap in your day, in your home, in your neighborhood?

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From Kai Davis, Poetry Editor: 

"For Apiary X we are excited to read poems that are honest about where they have been and uncertain about where they are headed. We want work that is looking to unearth and reexamine old stories with the clumsy grittiness that comes with a good excavation. If X marks the spot, what is beneath that spot? If that spot is on a map, where is the destination? Are you searching for answers, questions, resolutions? It does not matter as long as there is a journey, as long as some truth is exhumed from the bedrock."


What is worth remembering, and how can those memories help us move forward? 

From Kareem Groomes & Amanda Buck, Fiction Editors: 

“For Apiary X, we are focused on storytelling as an act of deriving, preserving, and continuing identity. We want stories that pull up unsung threads from our diverse histories, and use those narratives to create a collective, inclusive future. It is through defining and reclaiming our own pasts that we become the agents of our futures.    

Send us your stories of origin, transformation, and passage. Send us herstories, biomythographies*, and other prose pieces that chronicle your various selves as you have not only survived, but thrived, loved, and created.”

* Biomythography: the weaving together of myth, history and biography in epic narrative form, a style of composition that represents all the ways in which we perceive the world.

For APIARY X, we're also teaming up with Lily Goodspeed's Plaque to the Future project! Along with poetry and prose, you can also submit your happening, overheard, fragment, or anecdote to be transformed into a physical, visible mini-placard for all to see. Goodspeed writes, “Plaque to the Future is a flexible, open-ended street art project that allows the stories of ordinary people to occupy civic spaces. Often, ‘history’ is determined from above -- what is deemed important enough for an expensive statue or monumental enough to be publicly visible. By featuring sticker ‘plaques’ of ordinary Philadelphians at the site of their memories, PTTF attempts to give a more varied, diverse, and complex sense of our city's past and present. Even small or strange or seemingly insignificant moments are part of the people's history!”



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