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Submissions are Open!

by APIARY Staff

In APIARY 11: The Essential Issue, we asked authors to reflect on basic needs that cannot be replaced or sacrificed, even in the face of tremendous upheaval. As pandemic life goes on, we’ve learned to work, communicate, and connect in new forms to meet those needs, knowing that another massive change may come at any moment. Many of us have been pushed to our limits by this state of constant flux and adaptation. At the same time, we’ve learned to push back against the limitations of old structures and ask how they might adapt along with us. For our next issue, we’re looking for work that connects with the reader (or viewer, or listener) in unexpected new forms, too. 

In APIARY 12: THE GENRE JAWNwe are opening up space for writing that challenges traditional genre boundaries. This issue is dedicated to work that doesn't fit neatly into one genre category: this might mean hybrid or cross-genre writing that falls between the borders of poetry and prose, or an interdisciplinary project that involves a completely different medium like visual art, film, music, or performance. It might mean a collaboration with an artist in another genre. As long as the work draws from more than one genre and has some kind of written or spoken component, we are interested. We invite you to not just bend the rules, but reinvent them.

Visit our Submittable page to review the complete submissions guidelines for this issue!





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