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"Night Child": A Short

"Night Child," a poem by Jasmine Combs, was selected to be made into a short film by Apiary's Marie Alarcón. The text of Jasmine's poem is below.


Night Child

Slithering sunset
slipping between the fingertips
of the tree tops.
The stardust of dusk doesn’t 
sit still in my hands and
the cans cackle
as they slam against the feet of
the night children,
hit the sidewalk
hit the feet again
and back and forth like that
The streetlights are bright
like mini summer suns.
They flicker on, calling kids
back to their stoops,
back to their mamas 
who hang from the door hinges,
wringing their hands,
wondering where
the moon got its glow.
How it hangs there like a mama,
waiting for her night child
to come back home.


Marie Alarcón is a multimedia artist based out of Philadelphia, PA. She has a B.A. in Non-Fiction Filmmaking and Post Colonial Studies from The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA, and a Masters of Fine Arts with a Certificate in Time Based Media, from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Art and Design. Alarcón has worked in community media as an educator and producer through Scribe Video Center, as well as being a teaching artist for numerous arts and educational organizations in Philadelphia, PA, Olympia, WA, and Portland OR.



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