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Sanctuary Series Workshop #1: Warren Longmire | Jun 25, 2017

by Steven Burns

Walk with us! APIARY is currently seeking Philly writers of all ages, styles and levels of experience to join us for our first workshop in the SANCTUARY SERIES, a set of site-specific, nomadic workshops where we’ll explore, discuss and generate work around our 9th print issue theme of Sanctuary. Our first workshop will be led by former APIARY Editor Warren C. Longmire on from approximately 3-4PM. Participants will meet outside the DIVINE LORRAINE hotel at the corner of BROAD & FAIRMOUNT at 3pm and proceed down a route winding through West Poplar. This workshop is ideal for writers who are seeking some inspiration in time to submit the call for APIARY 9, which closes on July 1st at Midnight! Read on to learn more and sign up:

We are accepting up to 15 PARTICIPANTS in this workshop for an outrageously reasonable entry fee of $10. Proceeds will go to stipends and transportation costs for our wise and wonderful workshop leaders, and any surplus will go straight to production costs of printing our next issue.



Each workshop will be led by a different Philadelphia poet, who will guide participants through a Philly neighborhood of their choice on a walking tour punctuated by short writing exercises inspired by significant sites along the route. These stops will range from historically significant sanctuary spaces and cultural landmarks, to more under-the-radar sites chosen by the lead poet that have shaped their own personal, everyday sense of sanctuary and safe havens in that neighrborhood. Half-roaming and half-writing, each workshop session will culminate in a final stop where the group will pause for an extended final writing exercise, then share excerpts from the work they’ve created.


Warren Longmire is a Philly native, expert level whistler, pushcart nominee, former poetry editor for Apiary Magazine and a 3 time member of the Philadelphia Fuze's national slam. He's been published in Painted Bride Quarterly, Metropolarity, Eleven Eleven and in two chapbooks: Ripped Winters and Do.Until.True. He currently resides in a series of Airbnbs in New York splitting his time between web programming, midi drumming and writing tumblr poems about the limit of 1/x. You can find his writings, essays, videos and sounds at dountiltrue.tumblr.com and soundcloud.com/wclongmire.

After this workshop, participants are welcome to join Warren and current APIARY staff for an informal afterparty at The Industry (www.theindustrybar.com). See you there!



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