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Event Pick: ALL BUT TRUE w/ Elisabeth Cohen & Kathy Anderson

  • cohen

Courtesy Doug Gordon

The All But True author reading series returns on Wednesday, 9/26, at Penn Book Center, 6 p.m., with a program called "The Wry Eye." Two gifted authors, Elisabeth Cohen and Kathy Anderson, will take cutting looks at contemporary life. Alternately satirical and poignant, deeply felt and laugh-out-loud funny, their books delve into both the mysteries and absurdities of our skewed contemporary life.

THE GLITCH by Elisabeth Cohen is a send-up of tech life and our frenzied have-it-all culture. Shelley Stone, a super-efficient Silicon Valley CEO and mother of two, thinks she has everything under control. She takes power naps while waiting in line and schedules sex with her husband for when they’re already changing clothes. But when she meets a young woman also named Shelley Stone who has the exact same scar on her shoulder, Shelley has to wonder: Is she finally buckling under the pressure?

“The Glitch takes a hard look at the definition of work-life balance. Through hilarious antics and sensational story lines, Elisabeth Cohen encourages readers to slow down, take a breath and consider the perspective of a younger you. Would that person think you are living your best life?” —THE WASHINGTON POST

“An ambitious and entertaining novel … Cohen is a shrewd writer.” —THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW

  • kathy

Kathy Anderson’s BULL AND OTHER STORIES (winner of the Autumn House Fiction Prize) mixes dark humor with raw moments of pain and misunderstanding. Focusing on characters whose predicaments are typically ignored—a funeral driver, a lesbian power couple, a boy upset that his father has become a woman—she pulls us into situations that are just far enough beyond the conventional to intrigue and disturb us. Are these lives tipping into farce or tragedy—or both?

“These short stories pack an emotional punch and leave the reader feeling both pleasure and an immense feeling of loss. The collection asks the reader to move on, but the emotional weight stays with you long after you finish.” —MID-AMERICAN REVIEW

“Disorienting and illuminating, playful and often penetrating, the stories of Kathy Anderson astonish. She has already established herself as a powerful new voice on the national literary scene.” —David Lynn, editor of THE KENYON REVIEW

The event includes author readings, discussion, book signings, and refreshments.

For more event information, head over to the Penn Book Center or Facebook. Also check out New Door Books



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