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Apiary Presents: Youthquake | Aug 4, 2015

by Steven Burns

Join Apiary at The Monkey and The Elephant for a new reading series titled YOUTHQUAKE

YOUTHQUAKE aims to showcase Philadelphia's youth poets and writers and give emerging writers the opportunity to feature. 

This is also an ALL AGES OPEN MIC for writers, musicians, puppeteers, and performers of all disciplines.

August will feature The Pigeon Presents: The Philadelphia Poetry Slam Team as they prepare for Nationals!

Join us in M&E's gorgeous backyard garden as we welcome the city's top slammers: APIARY STUNG! contest winner Jasmine Combs, Furious George, Julian Randall, Noel Felipe, and Kirwyn Sutherland. 

The Monkey & The Elephant is a non-profit cafe with a mission to support former foster youth through mentorship, employment, and education. 

YOUTHQUAKE is hosted by APIARY's Maryan Captan and M&E youth staff member Joseph THC.

$5 cover, all proceeds go directly to The Monkey & The Elephant's extensive programming. 

For event location, times, etc - join our Facebook event page!

We hope to see you there!



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