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by APIARY Staff

Submissions for APIARY 8 are still open n’ rollin! If you're feeling a little stuck, are knee-deep in revisions, or simply need some inspiration, the scifi powered folks from Metropolarity are here to help! Below are a collection of sweet #softtargets prompts (including Lizzie Borden's scifi-feminist documentary, "Born in Flames") to push your creative powers to the next level. Feel tender, sharpen your fangs! 



You are a person of interest. Every step you take is one accounted for by closed circuit surveillance, cellular phone triangulation, and monitoring of all texts messages, search queries, emails, and social media output. 

Read your recent texts, tweets, or online pictures. Think about any phone calls you had today, and to whom. Write a story as though another entity followed your movements until now. What methods would they use on you? Why are you being surveilled? Who are ‘they’? What would your movements tell them about who you are? Would they be correct?

Born in Flames


One of many bodies. You would like to consider yourself a special snowflake, but ultimately you are one of billions of human bodies governed by structures beyond individual control, piecing together a life based on the opportunities systems and institutions provide to you based on your social position. Whether line cook at a fast food chain, soldier, foster kid, or adjunct professor, it is easy to be reduced to a number, or a source of labor or income for someone more powerful.

Recall a time when your individual humanity - your growth, development, health, strengths - were compromised by forces who only saw you as just another body in the system. Being fired or laid off, being ignored in an emergency room, or treated like a criminal because of your appearance. Create a piece where you find value for yourself despite being confronted with the system’s summation of who you are.* 



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