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"Sanctuary" by Beth Feldman Brandt

by APIARY Staff

"Sanctuary" is a sound poem written by Beth Feldman Brandt, spoken by Michelle Angela Ortiz, with music from Kevin MacLeod (courtesy of Cambodean Odessy; Creative Commons Attribution License). This recording was first aired at the launch of APIARY 9: Sanctuary on October 27th at the Moore College of Art & Design.

Feldman Brandt's "Sanctuary" constructs a tense, winding narrative through a chilly city, whose new arrivals, disparate and lost, seek refuge in spaces and in one another, to escape the government forces that pursue them: "Late November and Winter is just starting its long march / Days darken, more time to live in the shadow of what we fear." Listen below. 

Beth Feldman Brandt is a poet, performer and avid collaborator. She is the author of Sage (2012) and Solace (2014). In “RetroLove”, Beth conceived, wrote and performed with musical collaborators resulting in an evening-length show, book and album. Beth is Chair of the Philadelphia’s Poet Laureate Committee. More at www.brandtwords.com

Artwork courtesy Miriam Singer who grew up in Buffalo, New York. Since moving to Philadelphia, she has exhibited at James Oliver Gallery, LG Tripp Gallery, Woodmere Art Museum, Space 1026, Friends of the Print and Picture Collection, Art in the Airport, Gallery Siano, Inliquid at Painted Bride, Art in City Hall, Topstitch, Spector Gallery, Gallery at Minnow, and Padlock Gallery.  Singer currently teaches printmaking at Fleisher Art Memorial and is a member of the artist collective Space 1026. See more of her work at http://www.miriamsinger.net/.



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