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"Mother Internet" by Elizabeth Baber

by APIARY Staff

In "Mother Internet: Blessed Virgin: Coming of Age" Elizabeth Baber traces the various representations of Mary (Mother of Jesus) across the internet in both digital and physical landscapes. Baber asks, "Is the internet materal? If so, is she a good mother?" What emerges is what Baber calls a "light mother": she is both a creator and product of  "grief, humor, longing and intimacy." In many ways, the internet becomes a kind of broken belief system where the self melts into an endless digital pool, giving us permission to rewrite and reimagine ourselves again and again - while nothing is gained and everything lost.  

  • i feel such crippling lonliness
  • my memory of things
  • i saw it coming and it came2
  • in an online diary
  • was all blue edges lazarus
  • i m god i ve fallen

Elizabeth Baber is a poet trying to be a poet and it's hard. You can find her work in Bedfellows Literary Journal and Open House Poetry Journal. For more information on her project "Mother Internet : Blessed Virgin : a Coming of Age Story" visit http://motherinternet.tumblr.com/



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