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by Marie Alarcon

i <3 video poems is a curated series exploring the many forms of video poetry.

In keeping with our Spring 2016 theme of Soft Targets, I present to you “Situation 7” by Claudia Rankine and John Lucas.
From Claudia Rankine's Citizen: Situation 7

Situation 7 comes from Claudia Rankine’s book of prose poetry Citizen: An American Lyric (2014). The video is published at Triquarterly.org 


****If you have made a video poem or know of one that you would like to see featured in our i <3 video poems series, please send a viewable link to marie@apiarymagazine.com and include the year it was made, the name of the director, the name of the poet and any other relevant credits. Please note that APAIRY Magazine can not guarantee that your video will be featured.



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