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Submissions to APIARY X are CLOSED.

Thank you to all the over 400 writers for submitting to APIARY X! We are thrilled to begin reading through every single piece and building our tenth issue. Please be patient as we have lots and lots of reading to do.


The APIARY Magazine Staff


APIARY X is the culmination of a decade of writing, reading, publishing, dancing, and living in a shifting, evolving literary city. In this issue, we want you to mark your spot on Philly's ever-changing map, and excavate the stories hiding underneath your feet. 

X is: a fixed point on the map; a way to mark where you’ve been; a place where something important is buried. It’s crossings and intersections: two disparate paths coming together at a single shared juncture, then continuing on their ways. X is a piece of universal written language, a shared symbol and signature. Those who could not write or leave their name, often signed with an X. A mark left behind by anonymous voices. 

This Fall, we're asking our submitters to take stock of their place in a city's complicated, collective memory: How do generations of lived experience collide, connect, cycle back and overlap in your day, in your home, in your neighborhood? What is worth remembering, and how can those memories help us move forward? 




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