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Submissions for APIARY 8 are Closed. 

  • APIARY Issue 8

UPDATE: **THANK YOU to everyone who has submitted to APIARY 8 SOFT TARGETS. We're pumped to read through your submissions and put a beautiful new issue together! Please be patient as we undergo our reading process. We'll be in touch!** 

soft target is technically defined as a person or thing that is relatively unprotected or vulnerable (especially to military or terrorist attack). This new piece of language stems from the militarization of our public spaces, but we feel it is also more broadly evocative of the day-to-day negotiations we each face between diplomacy and force, watchfulness and openness, fear and trust. This issue will look at intersections of vulnerability and violence – the tensions of living joyfully and openly despite all possible looming threats. We invite you to shape your own personal definition and connotations of this phrase: like an actual target, you can approach this theme from any angle that works for you. Tell us about your survival strategies and safe havens, your cold sweats and your confidants. As you move through your day in our contested city, when do you raise your hackles, and when do you lower your guard? Show us your bared teeth and your fuzzy underbelly: what it means to you to live tender and fanged.

For APIARY 8 we're collaborating with Philadephia’s own Metropolarity, a DIY sci-fi collective of poor, working class & low income trans & queer survivors, mothers, professionals, non-academics, glorious, amorphous border-walking space-dreaming city folk of the African/Caribbean/mestiza/European diasporas. They believe that those without power must take advantage and control of all accessible media outlets. They choose science fiction as their prism to manifest world-paradigms necessary for their survival.

Learn about our submissions specifictions and more on our Submittable pages!

Our editors may not reach a final decision about your piece until several weeks after the close of our submissions period on March 18th, 2016, so please be patient in awaiting our response. Please direct other inquiries to mai@apiarymagazine.com and allow two weeks for a response.

Thank you for submitting your work to APIARY! We look forward to reading it.



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