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Celebrating a Decade of Philly Literature

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About Our Anniversary.

Nearly a decade ago, APIARY threw its first launch party in a three-floor West Philly home. Tamara, Lillian, Michelle, Nick, and Tiana, the founders of APIARY, described this experience best:

"Spoken word poets and fiction writers tromped up and down the stairs; children wove in and out of rooms wearing face paint and glitter. Elders, teens, and grown folks laughed and clapped, called and responded, and the rooms filled with late autumn light. We saw APIARY's deeper purpose - to make spaces where we could belong to each other, across identities, needs, and generations, even just for one afternoon."

We're still bringing folks together today. Over the course of ten issues we've published some 400+ local writers and artists, thrown a ridiculous number of dance parties, and provided affordable writing workshops open to anyone and everyone. We've partnered with Plaque to the Future, William Way LGBT Community Center, The New Sanctuary Movement, Decarcerate PA, Metropolarity, and more. We are still doing all this over living room laptop sessions with too much coffee, amidst our day jobs and side-hustles, despite all the crazy demands of everyday life. We do this work because now, more than ever, our poems, our stories, remind us that our neighbors are worth cherishing and celebrating.  

So, what's next?

APIARY X, our upcoming issue, examines Philadelphia's collective memory through the stories and experiences of its writers and artists. How do our memories overlap, collide, and contradict one another? How has our city changed? How do we cherish and restore those we've left behind? You'll also read interviews with bookstore owners, small presses, poet laureates, and legendary poets and friends of APIARY from the past and present. 

We cannot exist without our community. We're asking you to help APIARY exist for another 10 years. Printing several thousand copies of a free publication and throwing an explosive launch party is no small feat! Your support means we can keep publishing and showcasing the writers of Philadelphia today and tomorrow.


APIARY Magazine is dazzling literary confetti - we're comprised of many different kinds of people, from many different backgrounds, from all walks of life. We are (and have been) writers, performers, coders, professionals, professors, baristas, servers, teachers, students, preachers, painters, transplants, neighbors, and (above all) Philadelphians. For nearly 10 years we have brought this gorgeous news-print style publication to our some 20,000 readers. We create this magazine because we believe in genuine, real-life, connectivity and community, born through the language of a diverse, flourishing, challenging, historied, and changing Philadelphia. We bring people together on the page, on the stage, and in the street. We continue to do this work as an entirely volunteer staff. We encourage you to support our work by donating today. Your support enables us to continue to publish writers of all age, backgrounds, and experience levels while improving and expanding what we do.

For the cost of a cold brew, you can help bring the dopest writers in Philly to audiences around the city. APIARY Magazine is fiscally sponsored by the amazing folks at CultureWorks Greater Philadelphia. All donations are tax deductable to the fullest extent of the law.

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