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by Nefertiti Asanti

i am learning to sit with my legs

crossed not ignoring the warmth

between my two thighs rubbing


the wishes of my clit

as long as i can be split

as long as i can hum while

i am split

i am asking for an invasion

to swarm against my personhood

orange &  supple

so orange

it is golden

so golden

on another orb

it is cheap

abundant &  abused: here

searching for a break in the skin


there is a rumor

there is a rumor


white whispers with no one

to tell it like it


the gospel truth

as long as i can

be spilt

hum while i am


i am as guilty

as the milky gum

of inkblot eyes

the smell of wet

exploding in the gash

of a blackened crater

mouth unending

the smell of tide

expanding to the gasp

of a moonlit scab

night does not fall

morning does not rise

&  i cannot be whole

&  live &  die &  live

to tell it

like it


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