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Our 7

by Gabriel Ojeda-Sague

No No No No No

you see,

we don’t like your body

It just isn’t a manbody


not to us

you’re just so soft

and mushy

I can bend you

into paper airplanes!

No No No No No

it’s not a bad thing

it’s just that we hate your body

so we will be taking temporary ownership of it

this is the people’s body now

the body of the people

we will break it

in celebration

for each citizen

to melt

in their







when a people don’t make new memories

they carve each other for nostalgia

they eat bread in the rain,

thinking of cycles

of stifling circles

of the rain touching

all the men that came before

ignoring all after




They say:











isla bonita




but american words forget

naked children

tan from dirt

kissing adobe walls




he is curled, like a baby’s fist,

naked on the bed

un refugio

I have lied before

everything is required of him

everything will be given

the tickle on my naked feet

means the crops are growing again

somos así




¡ay! ¡esto es una sinvergüencería!

said my mother

when she walked inside my stomach

¡que sucio está!

ni has recogido tus tristezas

ni has limpiado tus enfogonadas

tu alma esta demasiado sucio hijo

I can


I try

I                                         can




Only             for                you

no hay dios aquí

ave maría,

que refugio para mierda y polvo

my brother holds the door

open for her

I’m just so glad you’re here

I’ve shaped my veins

into a big glittery banner

that says “WELCOME HOME”

¡y que sucio está!

¡yo no te crié así!

ay virgen santa

a blood-filled “WELCOME HOME”

staining the carpet




songs remind

me of my


when they smell

of mate

and cancer




when the chameleon

brought the news of

eternal         life

the people were already

convinced of death


when they forgot

their own spirits

they tucked their wings

under well-fitting suits

and ever spoke of flight again


all the headlines read:

“¿qué puedes hacer con la muerte?”

they were always afraid


the chameleon saying

“¡aquí, aquí lo tengo,

una vida eterna!

¿por qué no la quieren?

why are you so scared

are you too tired of sacred

too scarred by dictators

always remembering the

smell of hunger

and the curse of your ending days?

I have it here:

eternal        life!

just read it and it’s true!

this is not a gospel or dogma.

this is the news!”


they said

“no, your brother

the walking lizard

has taught us

too much of what

we cannot be.”

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