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Apiary 1

Dear Reader,

We started as a nameless writing group, meeting bimonthly over coffee or pizza to share and critique our work.

We became the Apiary Corporation because we wanted to move from this insular model to an outward-looking, outwardlistening organization. We chose the name because bees take whatever flowers are around them and make honey, and they live and sing together while they do it.

We wanted to create a space (Apiary, which you now hold in your hands, along with our website) for writers all along the spectrum of their craft, from the established to the emerging to those who have just discovered the power of committing one’s words to paper. We believe that the raw, un-smoothed voice can have as much power as the one that has been trained and refined.

We want to bring together the work of writers of different ages, races, religions, working in different literary traditions. We believe that writing is not just the solitary act, but the community that forms when writing is shared. We believe that writing is about communication and understanding one another, not about competitions and prizes.

We want to capture the liveliness we experience in our city in our time. We want to have fun. We want you to have fun.

We hope you enjoy the magazine. And we want to hear from you.







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