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Our Mission:

To celebrate Philadelphia as a great literary city on the page, stage, and in the street.

To connect and inspire Philadelphians through the power of their own words. 

What does an APIARY launch party look like?

Founded in 2009, APIARY is a volunteer collective of Philadelphia writers dedicated to celebrating and amplifying our city's dazzling literary scene. We publish in print and online on a varying schedule. (And we always dance.) 


  • Steven Burns

Project Director - Steve Burns

Steve Burns began his career with APIARY Magazine seven years ago with a humble column on Philly’s indie bookstores. Since then he’s helped launch the new APIARY dot com, earned an MFA from Rutgers-Camden, and became an accidental craft-beer guru. His poems have most recently appeared in Connotation Press. He is a high school English teacher. Contact: steve@apiarymagazine.com

  • oldphotoapiary

Editorial Director - Alexa Smith

Alexa Smith is a poet and essayist from Washington D.C. She lives in South Philly, attends and teaches for Temple University's MFA program by day, and manages Apiary's editorial process by night. You can find her writing online in Entropy, Interim, Peach Mag, Memoir Mixtapes, and Dark Wood. She's excited to read yours!

Contact: alexa@apiarymagazine.com




  • Maya Arthur

Poetry Editor (Guest) - Maya Arthur

Maya Arthur is a writer and archivist/artist/researcher. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in English & Creative Writing in 2018. She loves gardening in her cradle graves at the Woodlands cemetery, making and reading zines, discussing witches at length, and eating as much Fu Wah banh mi as she can. Her poetry focuses on memory, nostalgia, and self-encountering and she currently received a Sachs grant to produce Sickle, a multimedia project that wants to give a spotlight to sickle cell anemia, an inherited blood disorder that affects a resounding number of Black Americans, and show the often arduous process of receiving care as a black person in the medical field. She was a 2019-2020 Post-Baccalaureate Fellow at Kelly Writers House, a 2019 Lambda Poetry Fellow and a 2020 Aspen Words Fellow. She now serves as the Manager of Community Programming at Ars Nova Workshop. You can find her wandering around West Philly.

Contact: maya@apiarymagazine.com 

  • kd

Poetry Editor - Kai Davis

Kai Davis is a writer and performer from Philadelphia. She is a two time international slam champion, winning Brave New Voices in 2011 and The College Union Poetry Slam Invitational in 2016. Kai is currently an organizer and host at The Philly Pigeon as well as a freelance teaching artist. 
Contact: kai@apiarymagazine.com.  

  • re amanda 126 1

Prose Editor - Amanda Buck

Amanda Buck is an evocative, collaborative, and brave writer in the Greater Philadelphia Community with a passion for education and the arts. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Rutgers University-Camden where she received Thesis with Distinction Honors, and a BA in English and Theatre Arts from the University of South Florida. Her writing can be seen or is forthcoming in Four Ties Lit Review, Gravel Magazine, The Bleeding Lion, The Slag Review, Split Rock Review, and more. Currently, Amanda is Artistic Director of Chasing Windmills an eclectic bi-monthly creative reading series that promotes community while showcasing local artists in Philadelphia community. She is ecstatic to most recently join the Apiary Magazine team as a co-fiction editor. In addition to her work as a writer, Amanda has performed both on and off stage in over 100 full-length plays and musicals. For more information please visit amandamariebuck.com or follow her on twitter @chasingwindmil4.

Contact: amanda@apiarymagazine.com 

  • Davon

Prose Editor (Guest) - Davon Loeb

Davon Loeb is the author of the lyrical memoir The In-Betweens (Everytime Press, 2018). He earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Rutgers-Camden, and he is an assistant poetry editor at Bending Genres and a guest prose editor at Apiary Magazine and Mineral Lit Mag. Davon writes creative nonfiction and poetry. His work has been nominated for two Pushcart Prizes and one Best of the Net, and is forthcoming and featured in Ploughshares BlogPANK MagazineVoyage JournalX-R-A-Y MagazineBarren Magazine, Apiary MagazineSplit Lip MagazineTahoma Literary Review, and elsewhere. Besides writing, Davon is a high school English teacher, husband, and father living in New Jersey. His work can be found at davonloeb.com and on Twitter @LoebDavon

Contact: davon@apiarymagazine.com 


  • ronnieheadshot2021

Youth Editor & Ambassador - Ronnie Nocella 

Ronnie Nocella is a queer, gender deviant poet from Philadelphia, PA. They are an international slam champion, member of Philly's 2015 Brave New Voices team, and Temple University's 2018 CUPSI Team. Currently, they are the youth editor and ambassador for Apiary Magazine, where they've been published in early 2018. Outside of Poetry, Ronnie served with City Year at James G. Blaine Elementary School and is an incoming Teach For America 2021 Corps member. You can find Ronnie on instagram @aquarianism.

Contact: ronnie@apiarymagazine.com


  • kareeeeeeem

Fiction Editor - Kareem Groomes

Kareem Groomes is a Philadelphia native who has always been close with its diverse community. He earned a degree in English and a Creative Writing certificate at the Community College of Philadelphia in 2015. Much of his writing encompasses what it’s like to not only grow up in Philadelphia, but across cultural identification of youth culture. His work takes place in urban areas where there is a mix of Chinese, Afro-American, Hispanic, Latino and Cambodian cultures existing in the same neighborhood, where those cultures regularly interact or combine. His favorite writers include Haruki Murakami, Li-Young Lee, and Cormac MacCarthy.
Contact: kareem@apiarymagazine.com 

Marie Alarcon

Marie is a video and sound artist based in Philadelphia, PA. Her background is in community media and media education with a focus on media justice. Marie can often be found working collaboratively with artists/dancers/musicians on a variety of multimedia projects, including live sound collage, music videos, projections for performance events, and performance. Check out some of her work at www.mariealarcon.com

  • 10342452 10110348948096944 3871973887077626015 n

Maryan Captan

Maryan Captan is an Egyptian-American poet who has been involved in Philadelphia’s art and literary community since 2008. She is a writer, performance poet and educator, working with young people all over the city.  Maryan serves as Art Director at APIARY Magazine, curator and host of The YOUTHQUAKE Reading and Open Mic Series, and teaches experimental and experiential group writing classes at The Head & The Hand Workshop. In addition to literary adventures, she is the founder of Brewerytown Social, a visual art collaborative in the Brewerytown neighborhood of North Philadelphia. 

  • lillian headshot

 Lillian Dunn

Lillian Dunn is the co-founder and co-creator of APIARY Magazine. A 2007 graduate of Swarthmore College and Fulbright ETA Scholar, Lillian runs the SPACES program at The Village of Arts and Humanities in North Philadelphia, where she connects neighbors and visiting artists to create sustainable solutions to community-identified issues through art. Lillian writes poetry with the Rogue Workshop in West Philadelphia, where every week she remembers how hard it is to sit your ass down and write, and appreciates APIARY's amazing community of authors all over again.

  • George

George Bryant

Pinnacle moments:

Born and raised in Philadelphia

Lives in Germantown where he serves on the board of the Hansberry Garden and Nature Center.

Has an undying love for pizza.

Studied abroad in Rome for three months.

Wants to live by the beach in a cabana drinking margaritas and writing poetry for the rest of his life. 

Contact: george@apiarymagazine.com 


  • chevalier photo

Faye Chevalier 

Faye Chevalier is a poet / essayist whose work has been featured in places like Bedfellows, the Horse Less Review, Alien Mouth, Voicemail Poems, and elsewhere. You can find her on Twitter at @bratcore where she screams about robots. Contact: faye@apiarymagazine.com

  • miri

Poetry Editor - Miriam Harris

Miriam Harris is a queer Black woman from Baltimore City. 

Besides that, she's an alumna of Temple University, where she wrote and performed with the poetry collective, Babel. Miriam has been coaching slam poetry for two years; during her first year coaching Temple's team, she lead them to the 2016 CUPSI championship. Miriam works as a college counselor to Philadelphia's public school students. Contact miri@apiarymagazine.com

  • andrew

Andrew Katz

Andrew, when not reading and editing fiction, enjoys puppers and doggos, black coffee, hiking and writing bios that read like poorly made dating profiles. He works full-time in environmental remediation and is the proud owner of several paintings he did himself and hides from the world because they’re bad. Contact andrew@apiarymagazine.com

Outreach Coordinator - Warren Longmire is a Philly native, expert level whistler, pushcart nominee, and a 3 time member of the Philadelphia Fuze’s national slam. He’s been published in Painted Bride Quarterly, Metropolary, Eleven Eleven and two chapbooks: Ripped Winters and Do.Until.True. He is currently resides in West Philly, splitting his time between web programming, midi drumming and writing tumblr poems about the limit of 1/x. You can find his writings, essays, videos and sounds at dountiltrue.tumblr.com and soundcloud.com/wclongmire.
Contact: warren@apiarymagazine.com 

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Amy Saul-Zerby

Amy Saul-Zerby has the distinct honor of being poet laureate of her South Philadelphia apartment.

Her first collection Paper Flowers Imaginary Birds was published by Be About It Press in 2017.

Her work has also appeared in Painted Bride Quarterly, Spy Kids Review, and TheNewerYork. She is editor-in-chief of Voicemail Poems and a contributing writer at fields magazine.

  • mai headshot

Mai Schwartz 

Mai Schwartz is a poet, a storyteller, a sometime carpenter, an unofficial historian, and a native of New Jersey with lots of opinions about diners and malls. Based in West Philly, Mai can often be found tending beehives at Bartram’s Garden, writing and performing with the Rogue Workshop, and working on translations of Argentine writer Néstor Perlongher.

  • kirwyn headshot

Kirwyn Sutherland 

Kirwyn Sutherland was inspired to write poetry while watching the HBO series Def Poetry Jam. Issues of racial discrimination, apartheid, and survival as a black man discussed in the poetry of Amiri Baraka, Craig muMs Grant, and Black Ice hit home for Kirwyn. He is the author of two chapbooks, X: A Mixtape (self-published, 2013) and X: A Mixtape Remastered (Two Pens & Lint, 2014). Kirwyn has featured at several open mic and slam venues in Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York, DC, Delaware and Detroit, and was one of five poets to represent Philadelphia in the 2015 National Poetry Slam. He is currently working on his first full length book, and a Human Rights Workshop at the UPenn Kaleidoscope Series sponsored by the Excelano Project.

  • marissa headshot

Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela

Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. And though she’s also paid some sort of rent in Lawrence, Detroit, D.C., Laramie, Havana and the Mexican state of Chiapas, Philadelphia has mostly been her home since 2000. Her poetry and prose has been supported by the work of Leeway Foundation, Hedgebrook, Art Farm, Fancyland, VONA/Voices, Lambda, Make/shiftAs UsThe Rust Belt Rising, Solstice, Aster(ix), Big Bell, Bedfellows, Painted Bride Quarterly and others. In addition to being the Fiction Editor at APIARY magazine, she is the founder of Thread Makes Blanket press www.threadmakesblanket.com and teaches at the Community College of Philadelphia.

  • kara headshot

Kara Wexler

By day, Kara Wexler does administrative work in the arts. By night, she’s a screenwriter, playwright, and fiction writer, whose work has been screened, performed, and published around Philadelphia. She is also the director of several short films. A seventh-generation Philadelphian, she’s in love with the city and its gorgeous and diverse art scene. She’s obsessed with poetry, French cinema (along with every other kind of movie), and fountain pens, and suffers from a case of insatiable curiosity.

  • Tamara Headshot

Tamara Oakman

Tamara Oakman is an English, writing, and humanities professor, a poet and writer, and helped co-found APIARY magazine. Her work—poetry and fiction—is published in numerous online and print magazines such as Painted Bride QuarterlyMany Mountains MovingPhiladelphia Stories and Best of Anthology, and Mad Poet’s Review. She is the recipient of regional awards for poetry, fiction, memoir, and drama. Her graduate studies focused on Pulitzer Prize winner and poet Anne Sexton. She also studied abroad in Italy, France, and Belize. As an active participant in Philadelphia’s community of writers, she judges creative writing contests and also produces, coordinates and hosts events, series, workshops, and festivals. Her work in the English field and as a writer has been documented by many news outlets including, The Philadelphia City PaperThe Philadelphia Inquirer, and The Reporter. Oakman is an editor for multiple anthologies and participates in many literary panels including two that were televised on WHYY-TV (Friday Arts) and PhillyCAM (Who Do You Love-Pablo Neruda). She also gives warm hugs and passionate, rambling speeches. She lives and loves in Philadelphia. 



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